What Elements Make A Great Film?

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What Kind of Characters:

We’ve all seen a movie where one or more characters were just a complete bore that didn't feel properly flushed out, or even completely written. Now these characters are the number one most important thing, it doesn't matter what anything else in the film looks like if the characters are a bore, it’s going to take you right out of the film. A good showcase of a boring bland character would be Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, before Taika Waititi directed “Thor: Ragnarok (2017) Thor was a boring, bland, forgettable character, at least in my opinion but you’re obviously allowed to disagree. You should somewhat feel as if you can relate to a character (especially if it’s the main character) or it will pull you out.

Lets Talk Plot:

There is absolutely no need for a film to take you on a twist and turn of plot points and major moments, films are meant to be short, granted there are some amazing (longer) films with multiple plot points but at the same time those plot points are simple. A simple and clean plot is enough to grab attention and have everyone leave the theater satisfied!

Proper Direction Is Pretty Important:

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A director with no proper vision beforehand can cause a complete failure before they’ve even started. Now I’m sure we’ve all seen a movie and thought “Was there even a director on sight?” and the second someone thinks that the movie is downhill from there… But, what makes a good director? Well, there is a long list but to keep it simple, proper communication with cast and crew, they can properly make every decision on screen no matter what that decision will be, being able to talk with the actors and fully set up the vision of the character and motivate the actors.

Great Writing Definitely Has An Effect:

Everything starts out small and overtime is turned into something bigger and better, a proper blueprint for how the story will go. With no proper script it’s basically impossible to set everything up. Callbacks, visual cues, metaphors, etc. These things that bring viewers in and reinforce what’s happening.

Acting That Inspires:

The amazing actors that have brought beautiful works of art to life are a must. There's nothing better to me as a film lover than an actor who you can see is present and bringing that role to life.

Lastly, Cinematography:

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Proper cinematography is the final ingredient to bringing an amazing film to life, it is the art of photographing moving images, and without this practice done right it can make for some pretty ugly “shots” as we call them, but what is proper cinematography? I’ll tell ya! Working close with the director and having a good relationship and communicating one what they want, every single frame having some form of significance to the story, it has to somehow convey a beautiful image but also some sort of narrative point.

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And… CUT!!:

I wanted to take this ending as a bit of a thank you for reading if you made it to the end! This is my first story on here and I hope to spread my love of film, gaming, mental health awareness, etc. There's much I want to do on here as there is many things I am passionate about in this world, and this might not be my best take on this because its currently 4:26AM for me but I wanted to write my first story on here. Thank you very much and I hope my opinions on what make a good film was good to read! To whoever reads this far I hope you have an amazing night, and or day depending on where you are and never forget, you matter :) thank you very much.

-Aidan Ellis



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Aidan Ellis

My name is Aidan Ellis, i’m an aspiring filmmaker and writer. This page will kind of be like a window into my soul.